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Game #33 Recap: Knicks 120, Cavaliers 103

While the Knicks postseason is going to be almost as talked about as Robert Griffin III, it's going to be one that ends in either 5 wins, or maybe 6 if they get really lucky. The underwhelming Eastern Conference playoff representatives are going to get rolled in the Eastern Conference Semifinals by the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. The Knicks are going in the correct direction, but their One Way stars (and how are Melo and Amar'e going to get better?) aren't good enough to touch the top tier squads.

Cavs Leaders: Points: Jamison 23; Rebounds: Jamison 10; Assists: Irving 7

Quick Thoughts:

The first half saw the Cavaliers come out smoking to the tune of 61 points as Antawn Jamison and Daniel Gibson turned in inspired performances. The surprising thing was Kyrie Irving actually missed a couple shots finally from behind the arc, settling in at 0-3 from deep at the half.

My favorite random play of the game that nobody will remember is Tigger's sweeping right handed sky hook with around 4:30 left in the second quarter in the face of Tyson Chandler. With Thompson, anything other than a dunk to me is going to be pretty inaccurate, so to see him take Chandler down the middle, get his footwork correct and swish the running hook was awesome. I was very pleased to see him take on a defender in an isolation situation and especially one with the reputation and size of Tyson Chandler.

The Knicks came out storming in the third quarter and nearly took the lead pretty early until Kyrie got the Cavs back up. But, alas, after a pair of Steve Novak bombs gave the Knicks a short lived lead and the Garden crowd was rocking, the players were getting fired up. By the time the third quarter was over though the Cavs had surrendered 33 points and the lead.

The 4th quarter saw the bench of the Knicks create a gap that was ultimately too large for the Cavaliers to overcome. Steve Novak, who was chorused with "We want Novak" chants from the MSG faithful, hit five shots from deep and finished with 17 points in 17 minutes for the orange and blue.

The game featured a 37 point turnaround as the Cavaliers led by 17 midway through the second quarter only to fall behind by 20 in the closing minute.

Also, the Knicks scored 71 points in the second half. Gross.

Notable Performances:

Kyrie Irving had 22 points while Antawn Jamison had 23 and 10 boards.

I thought Tristan Thompson had a very active night on both ends of the floor while Alonzo Gee and Omri Casspi were absent from all action.

Second Half Turnover was the star of the game as he had such an impact on the game in only 24 minutes of action that he essentially gave away the game for the Cavaliers. His ugly performance was far too much to overcome in the end for Irving and the Cavs.

With the 2nd half fresh in my mind it's pretty hard to single many people out for great nights.

Fear the Sword's Player of the Game:

Kyrie Irving

He was very good at attacking all night and was the only consistent player doing anything in the late part of the game as Jamison did nearly all of his damage early on.

Bring it on Chicago.