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Regular Season Game #23: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat

2011/2012 NBA Regular Season
9-13 18-6
February 7, 2012
American Airlines Arena
7:30 PM
Radio - WTAM 1100 / TV - FSOhio HD
Probable starters
Kyrie Irving PG Mario Chalmers
Alonzo Gee SG Dwyane Wade
Omri Casspi SF LeBron James
Antawn Jamison PF Chris Bosh
Anderson Varejao C Joel Anthony
The uncertainty continues to surround our shooting guard position. I'm guessing that Gee will start, but I do not know for sure. Will update once I know. Alonzo Gee will start. I don't know if this means he will guard Wade or James. We shall find out!

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