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SBNation Launches Youtube Channel; Inches Towards Internet Domination

Today, SBNation launched its new Youtube channel featuring people like Amy K. Nelson and Bomani Jones as well as Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein. SB Nation Atlanta's Jason Kirk and Every Day Should Be Saturday's Spencer Hall will combine their talents to host "Shutdown Fullback" which promises to be unpredictable and entertaining.

Eventually, you'll probably get to see yours truly doing some video blogging so that you can just hear and see me talk about the Cavs instead of my frequently longwinded posts. I'm incredibly excited about this addition to the SBNation network. It opens up so many new possibilities and makes our sports blogging and fandom that much more interactive. No one else on the internet is doing this; we're slowly taking over the interwebz.

Here's pretty much a taste of the videos that SBNation will be putting out. The whole purpose of this network of blogs is to provide intelligent, passionate, humorous information about your favorite sports teams and topics. With the addition of video and the ridiculously talented people that we work with, the experience just gets that much better. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and give me some feedback about what you'd like to see from me as Fear The Sword gets involved with the SBNation Youtube channel.