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NBA Trade Deadline: Cavs and Hornets Trade Partners?

As the NBA trade deadline approaches on March 15th, the rumor mill is starting to heat up. It has been reported by multiple sources that there have at least been murmurs of a possible trade between the Cavaliers and the New Orleans Hornets.

Sam Amico outlined the possibility of a trade between the two squads.

One New Orleans fan asked why the Hornets would need to trade Okafor’s contract when they could just use the amnesty clause. It’s a good question. However, if the Hornets merely amnestied Okafor, they would still have to pay him (even though his salary wouldn’t count toward the salary cap). But if they traded for an expiring deal (such as Jamison’s), the contract would come off the books entirely. So they would owe no money to anyone come July.

Ultimately, the trade would be Antawn Jamison to New Orleans for Emeka Okafor's contract and Minnesota's first round draft pick. The Timberwolves are much better than anticipated this year, so that pick doesn't have as much value.

With the recent injury to Ricky Rubio, it doesn't seem like this trade would go down anymore. If it had been an option, it would be very similar to what the Cavaliers did at the deadline last year. They traded for a bad contract and took a first round pick as payment for doing so. Dan Gilbert has shown that he is not afraid to spend money in order to acquire first round picks.

Whether or not this trade rumor has any legs, I'm sure we'll see more and more possibilities as the deadline gets closer and closer.