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Cavaliers vs. Raptors: Fight for a Fourth

After running off a week full of impressive wins, the Cavaliers surely climbing their way out of the first eight of the draft and are still in the hunt for playoff positioning just barely. It makes sense that the Cavaliers will be able to handle the Raptors at home after the past week but I honestly feel like they are pretty unpredictable at this point.

Song of the Day: Circle of Life - Lion King

Tonight's Overview:

Toronto Raptors (13-28) at Cleveland Cavaliers (16-23)

The Raptors have done a much better job defensively this season with Dwane Casey taking over the squad. For whatever reason, Cavaliers star rookie guard Kyrie Irving has struggled mightily in both of the losses to the Raptors, shooting just a combined 5-25 in the contests.

With Irving struggling against Toronto, it has been the opposite for Jose Calderon. He has player very well against the Cavaliers. Byron Scott will be surely looking to reverse this Tuesday evening.

Toronto is finally welcoming back their best player, Andrea Bargnani, after he missed 20 games with a calf injury. He has played just two games since his return to the floor.

Key Matchup:

DeMar DeRozan vs. Anthony Parker

Double D has really struggled in his third NBA season and has not at all taken the leap forward that Toronto so desperately needed him to do. Unlike Ramon Sessions, he hasn't figured out how to nail the outside jump shot yet. Parker is still just hanging around until the Cavaliers draft his replacement around 11th in the NBA Draft this summer. But, with his size I still think he can definitely handle DeRozan and slow him down. That will help limit the Toronto offense as long as we don't let Bargnani find his form again.

Fear the Sword's Fearless Prediction:

On the heels of this three game winning streak the sneaky Raptors find their way to the Q. Will anyone pull a Samardo Samuels and not have a passport? Doubtful. They do this all the time. Regardless, even with the Raptors full squad in town, Kyrie Irving and his monster fourth quarter scoring will be enough to give the Cavaliers a 104-89 victory.