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Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Jonny Flynn

A proposed three-team deal involving the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers has recently been discussed as the trade chatter heats up prior to Thursdays deadline.

In one proposed deal the Cavaliers would receive Jonny Flynn from Houston, the Rockets would get a first round pick from the Lakers while Los Angeles would get future considerations from Houston along with Ramon Sessions from Cleveland.

What is there to get excited about with Jonny Flynn? I'll tell you after the jump.

Nothing. Flynn is simply one of the worst players currently in the NBA and has nothing to bring to the Cavaliers.

Conrad asked his friend over at ESPN who covers the Minnesota Timberwolves, Zach Harper, about Flynn. Here's what he said:

Here's the thing about Jonny Flynn. He's arguably the worst point guard I've ever seen, and I root for a team that once employed William Avery. He can't run an offense. He can't make a jumper. He's a pick-and-roll point guard that can't thrive in the pick-and-roll. He can't defend. He can't pass. He can't really dribble left. He certainly can't score in the paint. He's made 2 of his 7 layups this season. Add up his PER from his last two seasons together and he'd be trailing Kyrie Irving by 6.3. It's not that he's bad or not in the right system. He's historically horrendous. Other than that, he's a great guy -- salt of the Earth.

Please go take a look at any of his numbers and try to find something that is legit. He is a "scorer" but can't score. So, you're telling me for Sessions we'd be getting a point guard who can't score and is a terrible distributor? Yuck.

Oh yea, he's brutal on defense too. Flynn doesn't draw fouls, turns the ball over constantly, can't rebound or get to the stripe, shoots terrible percentages, doesn't work hard and is somewhere south of 6'0.

No, thanks.

He even was very poor in his D-League stint earlier this year with the Sioux Falls Skyforce. I must admit that while I don't want to trade Sessions, I'd take any type of draft pick over this proposal which lands Cleveland just Jonny Flynn.