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The Fake Verdict: Griffin for Irving

The fifth and final piece of my fake Kyrie Irving trades series is upon you today. As always, I'll leave the rules that I made up awhile back just in case you forgot.

Today, I'm going to debate whether or not I would fake trade Irving straight up for the high flying power forward of the Los Angeles Clippers, Blake Griffin.

In the first four pieces, I discussed potential fake trade of Irving for Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant and Kevin Love.

Griffin is one of the most popular and excitable players in the league. I also consider him hands down one of the most overrated. Did you know that Blake is essentially doing everything worse than last year per 36 minutes?

You probably didn't.

What the mainstream sees is Kia commercials and dunks all over the programming at ESPN. What few people see unless they watch a bunch of Clipper games (as I do) is that Blake isn't that dominant.

For some reason, nearly everything about his game bothers me. He's absolutely dreadful at the charity stripe. He's a piss poor jump shooter. He has little other than dunks, offensive rebounds and "one dribble right and spin back" in his offensive arsenal.

In fact, I think you should count how many times he takes between the legs dribbles that don't get anywhere in the next Clipper game you watch. He's a grass killer.

The simple thing is Blake Griffin needs so much help to get his offense. And for all his athleticism, he still doesn't even block shots on the other end.

I'm also convinced he's going to be constantly injured as he's obsessed with trying to posterize people when it's just not necessary. I would be terrified if I supported the Clippers every time Blake did one of those in traffic dunks in a game. And he tries a couple of them every game. He also has taken to doing the KG thing where he never lets a shot go in the hoop over the whistle is blown.

Without his athleticism, his game is going to shrink. And if he's offered for Irving he would have to be around for the long haul. I don't trust him at all to get a basket in a clutch situation because he basically has to be inside the paint to score. And in tight situations you just simply hammer him if he gets by you.

Wow, did that all sound like a massive Blake hater session? Well, it's not. I just don't like how people overrate some athletes wildly based on stuff they think they see but is really not there. So I'm more just bothered by the hype, because he shouldn't get as much as he does.

I 100% have Blake in the top 20 players in the league. And again, I don't dislike Blake Griffin at all. It's just annoying when people call him a megastar because I don't think he's skilled. I'd literally let him shoot 15 footers all game long. (I'd say all the same stuff about some NYK guard but he's not even good enough to be worth my ire. Blake is.)

Basically if you watch multiple Clipper games you'll know that this All-Star has plenty of weaknesses.

The Verdict: I absolutely laugh this one off if I'm called about it. Kyrie Irving is that tough and I think that highly of him. I love looking at shooting percentages when evaluating players in high school, college and the professional level. My favorite thing about Kyrie is his .475/.406/.864 shooting slash line - hey it's almost Tribe season!

While Blake is certain to be a multiple time All-Star starter (I'd take Love and LA over him all day) he's going to be throwing down some jams on your TV screen for a long time.

I'm just glad we have Kyrie instead.

Would you make this 100% fake trade?

Please limit your discussion to this trade specifically and not jump into random three for one trades you want to make.

This shouldn't really have to be said but of course I do not at all want Kyrie Irving to be traded. I'm simply attempting to gauge for you how valuable of an asset he truly is.