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NBA Rumors: A Look at the Cavaliers Guards Without Sessions

Wild speculation has surrounded Ramon Sessions as of late with the NBA trade deadline coming up this Thursday. Sessions is one of most appetizing trade prospects out there for teams searching for a point guard to shore up their back court.

The Cavaliers have played the season for the most part without a third point guard. Sure, Ben Uzoh was around for a bit but he wasn't really part of the picture. Also, don't try and tell me Daniel Gibson is a point guard.

It's worth noting that a deal involving Sessions would cripple our guard depth. How so? We'll address that after the jump.

Ramon is actually only playing 24.5 minutes per game, which is really low for someone as talented as he is. I guess that's what you get when you play behind Kyrie Irving though.

But, where in the world would those minutes go if Sessions leaves? I'm a believer in leaving Kyrie's minutes exactly where they are. He's already carrying a monster load on his back this year plus basically didn't play this year. Had you noticed how much Ricky Rubio was slowing down in his minutes before he got hurt?

Irving has missed four games so far. His primary back court mates, Anthony Parker and Daniel Gibson, have missed 13 and 8 respectively.

If none of those guys missed any time we still would have to fill those 24.5 minutes with someone else. But, it's a bit optimistic to expect Irving, Parker and Gibson to be iron men for the entire rest of the campaign.

And without the services of Manny Harris, although he could be signed back again, the guard position could get really thin for Cleveland.

In any Sessions trade it is unlikely that any player would be coming back to the team as the Cavaliers are known to covet a first round pick.

The solution of course would be to sign someone such as Harris to play those minutes. But, if they didn't ever want to play him or Christian Eyenga under any circumstances before because they're that bad then this could get ugly fast. It will get really bad if any of those guys (yes, even Parker or Boobie) misses some time.

What are your potential solutions to replacing some of those minutes at the point guard spot if Sessions does get dealt?

I'll go first. Keep RA-MAHN.