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Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Draft Lottery Odds: Week 5

With the Ramon Sessions trade stirring up quite a bit of chatter this week on the site, the most positive impact I feel it can have on the organization is by moving us up in the standings of the Draft Lottery.

We'll continue our march on with this segment to find out exactly where the Cavaliers stand and still hold hope that they can squeeze a few more lottery balls out of this after the big trade.

4/5. Toronto Raptors: 14-29

4/5. Sacramento Kings: 14-29

6. New Jersey Nets: 15-29

7. Detroit Pistons: 16-27

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: 16-25

9. New York Knicks (lose tiebreaker with Milwaukee Bucks): 19-24

10. Golden State Warriors: 18-22

11. Portland Trail Blazers: 20-23

Good News: We have played less games that most teams so we will play more than them with a worse squad which means we could move up.

Bad News: We are somehow just stuck on this 8th spot!