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Cavaliers Continue To Rebuild, Stockpile Draft Picks

After acquiring the Los Angeles Lakers 2012 first round draft pick at the trade deadline, the Cavaliers have shown that they are committed to rebuilding this team "the right way". They aren't going after big free agents -- but rather getting young, cheap talent through the draft and molding their team that way.

By trading away Ramon Sessions for a draft pick (and a draft swap option), the Cavaliers turned an expiring player into an asset that will benefit the team going forward. Let's take a look at the Cavaliers draft picks in upcoming years.

2012 NBA Draft:

The Cavs have rights to: (current draft position in parentheses)

Cleveland Cavaliers first round pick (8th)

Los Angeles Lakers first round pick (25th)

New Orleans Hornets second round pick (32nd)

Cleveland Cavaliers first round pick (38th)

2013 NBA Draft:

The Cavs have rights to:

Cleveland Cavaliers first round pick

Miami Heat first round pick (with ability to swap with LAL)

Cleveland Cavaliers second round pick

While trading up in the draft is not as easy as it is in say, the NFL, it is still possible. These assets give the Cavaliers the ability to package picks for players that they really like and acquire the necessary core to build a contender. The Sessions deal was by no means a blockbuster, but it is that type of small, intelligent move that helps a rebuilding team get better quicker. Everybody is quick to point out that the Cavs need to rebuild using the same model that the Oklahoma City Thunder did. While they got Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden at the top of the draft, Serge Ibaka, a very important part of their success was drafted 24th overall in 2008.

If the Cavaliers expect to revitalize this franchise, we will need more moves that acquire young players and cheap talent. The Cavs need to keep piling up the assets, get lucky on some draft picks, and build a complete team around Kyrie Irving in order to return to being a championship contender.