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NBA Fake Trades: Closing the Book on Kyrie

In my series on my purely fake Kyrie Irving trades, I've examined whether I'd ship him out straight up for a group of NBA stars.

I'm pretty interested to see overall how I did and if there are any other random pieces like this that you readers would like to see in the future from me.

I enjoyed taking the time to research Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin to determine whether they would be worth of shipping out Irving for. And I am really happy with all my choices and still would stick with them all.

In the NBA these one for one star player trades never happen and I don't see any one happening like it anytime soon but it's fun to think about them sometimes.

I'll give you a quick recap on all five of them again after the jump to refresh your memory.

Players I'd fake trade Kyrie Irving for:

Howard, Durant, Love

Players I wouldn't fake trade Kyrie Irving for:

Westbrook, Griffin

I'd also like to thank the people who contributed to me awhile back when I asked for your suggestions.

Feel free to go back to the archives yourself to check out what I wrote if you need another look before you rip me or agree with me.

Most of all, I hope that everyone gains an appreciation for how great of a talent the Cleveland Cavaliers truly do have on their roster in Kyrie Irving.

Which of these choices bothered you most? Which one(s) did I nail? I'd enjoy to hear what you would do if you were in this position?