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NBA Draft Player Rumors: Bradley Beal to Cavaliers?

As many of you know the head honcho of Fear the Sword, Conrad Kaczmarek, is super high on Florida guard Bradley Beal.

Beal is projected to currently go 8th to the Cavaliers in's latest mock draft. While I've been higher on Jeremy Lamb in the process so far I must admit that I dislike college basketball and don't really watch games. I'm an NBA lifer no doubt.

But, I'm going to give it a go today and see what Mr. Beal has to offer in order to get a better evaluation of him.

While I love Lamb's game, a lot of it has to do with me being a UConn fan (Ray's alma mater) and the fact that whenever I do watch a college game it is always a UConn one.

Since the Huskies are out of March Madness I'm now going to be taking more time to focus on prospects like Beal that the Cavaliers potentially could snatch up in June.

In Beal's opening round game against Virginia, he notched 14 points and a very impressive 11 rebounds. In 34 games this year as a freshman he is scoring 14.6 points and grabbing a nice 6.7 rebounds. His shooting slash line is .433/.327/.774 which isn't too hot but I imagine he will improve that significantly over time.

The Florida Gators and Beal will be matched up with Norfolk State at 5:10 pm CST tonight on TNT.

Use this thread to discuss your thoughts on his performance tonight or any other thoughts you may have on filling up the Cavaliers glaring hole at shooting guard.