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Finding a Role for Luke Walton

Newly acquired forward Luke Walton believes he can develop a role with the Cleveland Cavaliers during his stay with the team.

His deal runs through the 2012-2013 season and pays him $6.1 million next year.

The almost 32 year-old hasn't really played much at all since the 2008-2009 Lakers title season due primarily to back injuries. He now somehow claims that his back is magically feeling better than it has in quite a long time.

The team can't amnesty him and I don't think they'll buy him out. Therefore, he's likely going to have some type of role on the team as long as he sticks.

Just for now let's assume Walton is healthy through the end of next season. Where should he fit in to the plans of Byron Scott?

That honestly is an extremely hard question to answer. I'd certainly be okay with him battling with Omri Casspi for some time behind Alonzo Gee. He also could do some damage maybe as a backup four man who can create for others.

I've always rated his knowledge of how to play very highly so if he can somehow stay healthy I wouldn't have a problem with him taking a couple of the minutes which will be vacated by Antawn Jamison's Expiring Contract come next winter.

It's just the expectations that are hard to make. How can one realistically expect anything from Grady Sizemore at this point? Same goes for Walton. Who can actually remember a prolonged stretch of production from those guys? It seems so long ago.

I'm still holding out hope that a shooting guard will be brought in during the draft and both Anthony Parker and Daniel Gibson will be out. If such a situation arises, Gee or Casspi could squeeze in at the two on occasion and move Walton to the three.

I really have absolutely no answer to this dilemma. I guess just seeing him make it on the floor at some point seems a bit far fetched until I see it happen.

What would you do with Walton if he actually comes back to full fitness? Is there a role for him with this franchise?