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NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Version 1.0

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In the upcoming months, ESPN Draft Guru Chad Ford will be producing multiple versions of his Mock Draft for us fans.

Ford is one of the most widely regarded analysts in the industry with his draft work.

Today, Ford put out his first Mock Draft in which the Cleveland Cavaliers were selecting 8th.

I won't tell you until after the jump who he had the Cavaliers selecting but I can tell you isn't either the player Conrad wants, or the one I hope for.

Indiana's Cody Zeller is Ford's choice for the Cavaliers. I can't tell you much of his analysis because the article is Insider Only but the good thing is that the player I want, Jeremy Lamb, is still on the board at the 8th pick.

That means that while the Cavaliers are unlikely to slide up into the first five picks that even in our lowly 8th position a player like Lamb or Conrad's Bradley Beal may be available.

I've been very vocal of my position that the Cavaliers need to draft a wing player. I definitely want to pass on Harrison Barnes though.

If we go the big route I don't want Andre Drummond much. I must admit I don't really watch any college basketball and have seen Zeller play one time.

For those of you who have watched Indiana play a few times this year, what are your thoughts on what Cody Zeller could potentially bring to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Feel free to check out Ford's entire Mock here, but keep in mind you must be an Insider to do so.