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NBA Cap Space: Cavaliers Rule


ESPN's Capologist, Larry Coon, put together a great piece Monday detailing the cap figures of every team in the league and who is poised to make some moves whenever they want to pounce.

Coon grouped the Cavs in the "If cap space is king, then fit me for a crown" section. There were plenty of other teams in this category as well and obviously the Cavaliers and the rest won't all be able to bring in any big name free agents this summer.

With $26 million in cap space this summer the team certainly could make some massive move.

It won't happen because nobody would come here when LeBron James was in town and the current regime is smart enough to know that we need another good draft or two before we're a legitimate contender. That is the only scenario I see the team being able to lure someone big time that could be a hug difference maker.

So, let's just keep preserving that cap space and get a top 5 pick this summer. Then use that flexibility to make a push to the top of the Eastern Conference.

I'd encourage you to read all of Coon's Insider Only article right here to find out some interesting cap notes from all 30 teams across the NBA. The Cavaliers are simply in line for a great next decade should the next two drafts be in the same league as this past one.