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2011 NBA Redraft


I don't want to just throw up heaves of Insider Only content on Fear the Sword this week, but I have to do it to you one more time.

ESPN's NBA Rookie guru David Thorpe did a 2011 NBA Redraft today. He only does the first 20 picks of the first round.

As we all know, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson were selected first and fourth overall last summer by the Cavaliers.

After the jump I'll let you know some things about the article but I can't really say too much.

To nobody's surprise, Kyrie Irving was chosen by Thorpe as the first pick in the Redraft. With the fourth pick in the Redraft, Thorpe chose Minnesota Timberwolves forward Derrick Williams for the Cavaliers.

But, does that mean he has Thompson slipping down a couple spots or is he the second or third pick?

Boom. Thompson was selected second in Thorpe's Redraft by the Minnesota Timberwolves!

Wow! David Thorpe and Sebastian Pruiti are the two people whose content I read with regards to rookies every year.

This is wonderful news to see Thorpe say that the Cavaliers snuck out the top two prospects from the 2011 Draft with picks one and four.

It further excites me for the 2012 Draft and I want that Top 5 pick even more because I think Chris Grant can do it again.