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Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Draft Lottery Odds: Week 6

With the NCAA tournament rolling on and the Cavaliers not gaining ground at all in the Lottery Odds, here's to hoping that a few random players have big weekends this weekend and get themselves thrown into the Top 10 discussion. It would be nice to see a few overvalued and overrated players sneak into the picks just ahead of the Cavaliers position!

Anyways, a lot of the same happened this week. The Cavs played some close games and I almost blew my top when the just about pulled off a second road win in the last minute against Atlanta. Doing it against a team we're contending with in the Lottery Balls race in New Jersey was already frustrating enough.

While I'm down with the Cavaliers losing some games down the stretch, the important thing is certainly internal development.

Did you see the week Kyrie Irving had? We're going to be just fine once we get this new shooting guard in June!

5. Toronto Raptors: 15-32

6. Detroit Pistons: 16-30

7. Sacramento Kings: 17-29

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: 17-27

9. Golden State Warriors: 19-25

10. Portland Trail Blazers: 21-25

11. Milwaukee Bucks: 21-24

Good News: With the Warriors having big time incentive to tank and get into the Top 7, we're still holding them off.

Bad News: Did you see the Pistons completely blow that game in Denver last night in the final 20 seconds?!