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Twitter Reaction: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Phoenix Suns

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A lot has changed since the Cavaliers and the Suns last faced off back in January. While the Cavaliers easy stole one in Phoenix, since the All-Star break the Suns have posted the best record in the NBA outside of Chicago, Steve Nash looks ready to claim his sixth assists title and Marcin Gortat has been a one man wrecking machine. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have lost Anderson Varejao to injury, Ramon Sessions to Los Angeles and have welcomed Luke Walton. It's the proverbial tale of two teams.

Kyrie Iriving vs. Steve Nash. Tristan Thompson vs. Marcin Gortat. Manny Harris vs. Shannon Brown? How'd it go down? Let's check the interwebs:

Pre-Game: @AdamKoscielak


Sun-N-Gun proprietor Adam Koscielak is a good guy. Let's get that out of the way up front. That said, he loves trolling me about the Cavs. This is your karmic retribution, Adam. MOUSE IN THE HOUSE! THROW THE HAMMER DOWN! GEE MAIL IN THE INBOX! KYRIE SWERVIN'! Deal with it buddy. Deal with it.

First Quarter: @docrostov


While the man behind Gothic Ginoboli, Aaron McGuire, was referring to Antawn Jamison's injury at the hands (er... body) of Marcin Gortat, this could have easily been directed towards anything that happened this quarter. Marcin Gortat starts the game on an 8-0 run, Jamison leaves the floor for medical treatment (though he returns in the second quarter) and Luke Walton makes his wine and gold debut. Thanks to five points from Luke Walton (seriously, plus he got an assist as well) , the Cavaliers inexplicably narrow the lead and end the quarter eight behind Phoenix.

Second Quarter: @hardwoodhype


Emile from Hardwood Hype is impressed by the work that Gortat continues to do on the Cavaliers. At the half, Gortat has dropped 18 on the Cavs, leading the Suns in their 59-38 blowout in the works. Meanwhile, only two Cavaliers have positive +/-'s. Omri Casspi leads with way with +4 and Donald Sloan is rockin' a mean +1. It's looking ugly.

Half-Time: @demeatloaf


I GO HARD NOW's Demetri is not impressed with the veterans today. I can't blame him.

Third Quarter: @HoopsBoosh


Judging by my timeline, everyone gave up on this game during halftime. I don't blame them. Regardless, prior to halftime, I GO HARD NOW's Boosh diagnosed the Cavalier's problem today. Byron Scott needs to get the guys some Metamucil or something. Cavs down nearly two dozen, 85-62 Phoenix.

Fourth Quarter: @drozdetsky


And by this, he means a complete shellacking. Cavs wind up losing by 25. I lose two and half hours out of my Saturday. Next game is Tuesday in Philadelphia. Let's just forget that this ever happened.