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Cavaliers Rumors: Gibson, Parker Set for Exits?


As most people know, the shooting guard position for the Cavaliers has been pretty pitiful this season. Daniel Gibson has struggled through easily the worst season of his career. The timing of this is awful for him, as he is due nearly a $5 million team option in 2012/2013 (and yes I realize the money doesn't matter too much since the Cavs are way under the cap) which should in no way be exercised.

While the team can certainly get nearly the same level of production from some random near minimum salary free agent next season, Gibson should be shown the door unless he wants to restructure his deal.

Did you realize he's shooting 29.3% (32-109) on two point field goals this season?

Meanwhile, Anthony Parker's time is likely up. His deal is up this summer and it's very difficult to see the Cavaliers even offering him anything as he's had a very poor campaign.

That leaves a gaping hole at the shooting guard spot. While there are certainly a couple guards available this summer to choose in the draft, that isn't going to completely fill the spot up.

I'm definitely an advocate of drafting a wing player (SG or SF - positions are overrated) but the question is who else can come in to join the squad.

The majority of Fear the Sword people that I have noticed seem to be very high on the Manny Harris hype. Is he someone you want to count on down the road to actually give the team something?

Let's be clear with how he's done so far though. He hasn't proven anything against any NBA competition in sigificant minutes, period. I'm simply not ready to just outright give him those minutes.

And what would the plan be if the Cavaliers draft a big man instead of the wing? Do you want Parker or Gibson back?

There are many ways to go with this but I'd sure like to hear your plan to fix the shooting guard position if both of these guys are let go.