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Cavaliers Schedule Breakdown: The Road Ahead

We have HOW many games left?
We have HOW many games left?

Alright, so including tonight, the Cavaliers have 18 games left to play. As they currently sit at 17-31, they are the 7th worst team in the NBA. However, they also are among the teams with the most games left to play. That means, the month of April is going to be crazy. Let's see just how crazy.

Of those 18 remaining games, 8 of them are at home and 10 of them are on the road. Furthermore, the Cavs will play 18 games in 28 days. That's a lot of games in a not very many days.

To finish off March, the Cavaliers play the Bucks tonight and the New York Knicks tomorrow night. Judging by the strength of those teams and the fact that the Cavs will be playing the second night of a back-to-back on Saturday, those should be two more losses. If my predictions are correct, the Cavaliers will enter the final month of the season sitting at 17-33 with 16 games left to play.

When April rolls around, the Cavaliers open at home with the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are currently 35-14 on the season and should have a relatively easy time disposing of the Cavs, even at the Q. So that pushes the current losing streak to eight games and the Cavs' record to 17-34. I could see Cleveland snapping the streak somewhere in these three games, but in all likelihood, they'll lose all three.

After the game against the Spurs, the schedule really picks up and we're playing games basically every single night. April 4th we play the Bucks on the road, again. April 6th and 8th are two very winnable games (albeit on the road) against the Raptors and Nets. I'd be shocked if Kyrie Irving doesn't manage to steal a game somewhere in this patch of games. By my quick prediction, I'll say that the Cavs get through April 8th with a record of 19-35.

April 10th should be a gimme. The Cavaliers play the Charlotte Bobcats at home. Boom, we're up to 20 wins.

Here comes death row. The Cavaliers play a home and home series with the Indiana Pacers on the 11th and 13th. So far, the Cavs split the season series with the Pacers, but the one win seems pretty flukey. I'd expect the Pacers to pull out two wins against the Cavs. The second of those two games is the first of the Cavaliers' back-to-back-to-back. On the 13th, 14th, and 15th, the Cavs will play three games. The Pacers game, one against the Wizards, and one against Orlando. Expect the last game against Orlando to be an absolute face-melting blowout. The guys will be dead tired and Orlando is already more talented than them. Feel free to project your own predictions about Cleveland's record at this point. I'm figuring something around 21-38.

The Cavaliers close out the season with 7 games in 9 days from April 17th to the 26th. Five of those seven games are against teams with .500+ records. I'll be generous and say that they win a couple more and finish the year out at 23-43. That should be good for about 5th or 6th in the lottery rankings.

Put in the comments what you think the Cavaliers' final record will be and briefly tell me why you're correct.

Here's the entire remaining schedule: