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Final Four Predictions

As many of you know, the Final Four is being played in New Orleans this evening. While the great UConn Huskies are not involved, it is still very much worth watching for anyone who is a college basketball fan.

Personally, I will not be watching since the Cavaliers play but it is a good chance to check out Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Thomas Robinson. Notice I left someone out, there?

The Cavaliers are hopefully going to be able to jump towards the top of the lottery to snatch a nice pick this June so this event will be their last chance to perform on the real stage before the Draft.

I'd like for everyone to leave their predictions for tonight's games in the comments if you get to this in time.

Here is the schedule:

(4) Louisville vs. (1) Kentucky, 5:09 CST

(2) Ohio State vs. (2) Kansas, 7:48 CST

Check out my not very knowledgeable picks after the jump.

Kentucky over Louisville

Kansas over Ohio State

Two of my best friends are obsessive Kentucky and Kansas fans so for their sake I'll "root" for these teams.

In the final, I'll take Kentucky over Kansas with future Cavalier (!) Anthony Davis taking home the Most Outstanding Player Award.