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Lottery Balls: Week 3

After a bit of a break due to the All-Star Festivities, Lottery Balls returns to find the Cavaliers muddled in quite the losing streak. The team is getting closer to my goal of being 5th in the Draft Lottery although I deep down know we're definitely too good for it to happen.

Let's take a look at where the Cavaliers stand in the standings after the jump.

4/5/6/7. Toronto Raptors: 12-26

4/5/6/7. Detroit Pistons: 12-26

4/5/6/7. New Jersey Nets: 12-26

4/5/6/7. Sacramento Kings: 12-26

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: 13-23

9. Milwaukee Bucks: 15-23

10. Golden State Warriors: 15-20

11. Phoenix Suns: 17-20

Good News: There is legitimate hope that a team or two from the 4-7 cluster could possibly catch us. At least my wishful thinking hops so.

Bad News: Antawn Jamison still hasn't been traded.