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Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Draft Lottery Odds: Week 4

Week 4 of my "Lottery Balls" feature brings us a change in name for this feature. Don't fret though, the content is going to be exactly the same even with the new name.

The Cavaliers snuck out yet another one point win this year which down the road will cost them some lottery balls but it did end a long losing streak.

Kyrie Irving was yet again a hero. He's 19.

Where would the Cavaliers be projected to pick if the Draft Lottery was tomorrow? Find out after the jump.

5/6/7. Toronto Raptors: 13-26

5/6/7. Detroit Pistons: 13-26

5/6/7. Sacramento Kings: 13-26

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: 14-23 (Jeremy Lamb!)

9. Milwaukee Bucks: 15-24

10. Golden State Warriors: 15-21

11. Phoenix Suns: 17-21

Good News: A bunch of the seven teams beating us in the sweepstakes won some games this week.

Bad News: We didn't move up this week. Also, Jeremy Lamb won't last until eight!