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Cleveland Cavaliers Key Games

Love the beard.
Love the beard.

Of all the games the Cavaliers play for the rest of the year there are specifically three that you must watch. Yesterday, Sir Conrad took a nice little look at the schedule as a whole and outlined some things about it.

But, there are really three big games for me for obvious reasons if you read me much. These could be franchising changing games. And I hope they go our way so we jump up and win the lottery again.

Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis in two consecutive years? Sounds like a conspiracy, huh? Well, that's crap.

The Cavaliers actually moved down with their pick last year from 2nd to 4th. The Clippers technically were the team who moved up. This year, it is going to be the Cavs. And it is going to be due to these three games I tell you about after the jump going well for the Wine and Gold.

Friday, April 6, at Toronto

We've struggled very badly with Toronto this year and they are absolutely on our heels in the race for Lottery Balls. Going up to their building should certainly favor them as Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon have had their way with the Cavaliers this year.

Who lives in Cleveland? Can you please go steal Kyrie Irving's passport? Losing this game has a legitimate chance of being very key as it is likely that Cleveland and Toronto finish within a game or so of each other.

Sunday, April 8, at New Jersey

Last time we saw this fixture, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson dominated and the Cavaliers snuck out a tight win late on. While it was certainly a warm and fuzzy evening for those two, it really would have been monumental to have dropped that one plus this one on the 8th. I see New Jersey as the team most likely to finish 4th because they have some high incentive to do so plus they are pretty bad overall.

Tuesday, April 17, at Detroit

The Pistons, our preseason buddies, are going to beat us in this one to even the season series at 2-2. I'm hoping they've got a couple game cushion on the Cavaliers by this point but even if they don't they've got the advantage of being at home for this one.

Nonetheless, this is Cleveland's last chance where they personally can impact this race. Kyrie Irving is going to have 27 points and 12 assists in Detroit but we'll play well and come up just short.

*I'm going to be greedy and hope for Washington to sweep us in our final games with them but if we can go 1-1 with them I suppose I'll take that.