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Report: Cavaliers Set To Offer Anthony Parker 3 Year, $25 Million Deal


The Cavaliers will have plenty of salary cap room at the end of the season and intend to use it to re-sign their own players instead of bringing in free agents. The front office announced on April 1st that they will be offering swingman Anthony Parker a lucrative 3 year/$25 million deal this coming offseason.

Management has been so thrilled with his veteran leadership that they feel he is an "invaluable asset to this rebuilding project", according to an exclusive report.

Anthony Parker is having a career year and looks to finish it strong in the month of April. Personally, I think we got a bargain by signing Parker for just twenty five million dollars over the next three years. You can't just get this kind of veteran leadership anywhere. Plus did you know that he was the MVP in Europe?

Give me your thoughts on this deal in the comments. Did we get a bargain or did we get an absolute steal? Also, Happy April Fool's Day.