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Pacers vs. Cavaliers Game Preview: A Lestivus For The Rest Of Us

Happy Lestivus to all (except you, Newman)
Happy Lestivus to all (except you, Newman)

As the holiday of Lestivus continues on through Wednesday night and beyond at the Q, the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Indiana Pacers in the first of two consecutive games against their division foes.

What, you don't celebrate Lestivus? Let me remind you of something. IT'S PART OF YOUR HERITAGE. IT'S PART OF WHO YOU ARE.

Holiday of the Day: The Story of Lestivus

Tonight's Overview:

Indiana Pacers (35-22) at Cleveland Cavaliers (19-36)

As Ersan Ilyasova reigned down blows upon Kyrie Irving's shoulder, Byron Scott realized there had to be another way to get complete and utter domination from his point guard. But, out of that, a new point guard was found. Lesteria has officially taken over Cleveland.

At the Airing of Inspirations (pregame speech), the entire team circles up and tells tales of the many ways Lester has inspired them throughout his term in Cleveland.

Feel free to join in on the Airing of Inspirations in the comments and please leave us a story of how Lester has inspired you of late.

As Lestivus rolls on, we've now come to the Feats of Scoring. This usually takes somewhere around 48 minutes as Hudson typically takes on the opposition full steam and rolls through them to the tune of 50+ points.

You better fire up the twitter, facebook, landline or your text messages because you'll want to get your family and friends to be aware of how scorching hot he gets during the Feats of Scoring.

*The Lestivus Miracles*

I challenge anyone to list off a top 5 list of their personal Lestivus Miracles. These can be any random, fantastic events that have happened in your personal life while the holiday of Lestivus has been going on.

The person with the most recs will officially be declared the King of Lestivus. How bad do you want the crown?

Good luck to you all.

Key Matchup:

Lester Hudson vs. the Indiana Pacers

As you probably know, Lestivus cannot end until an opposing team holds Hudson to below 10 points. With Irving out for the time being I don't see Darren Collison and George Hill being able to cool off Hudson. Thus, the holiday we all know and love, Lestivus, will carry on as planned.

Fear the Sword's Fearless Prediction:

I'll take the Cavaliers to beat the Pacers at the Q by the score of 108-89 behind 37 points from Lestivus Hudson himself.

*As the world's biggest critic of Twitter, I must admit I flat out just do not like it or have any time for it. I was shown a certain Twitter account that is now officially the home page of my internet. Please check it out. A wee bit of redemption for Twitter but not really.