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Some Thoughts On Lester Hudson and Opportunity

SBNation's D-League expert, Scott Schroeder knew about Lester Hudson before you did. He also wrote about him today and gives us some thoughts about his opportunity.While there are people complaining about teams tanking and playing unproven players during this portion of the season, there are others that think it's awesome that these guys are getting the chance to prove themselves.

Here's a portion of Schroeder's article and be sure to check out the thing in its entirety.

Like Jeremy Lin, Geraldn Green and the others before him this season, Hudson's showing that an opportunity is the only thing a lot of basketball players need to succeed. Said opportunity likely would not have happened earlier in the season.

It kind of stinks that it has to come in proverbial garbage time, but it'll be fun watching to see what else Hudson's able to do ... at least for the rest of the regular season and before NBA teams decide to sign a "proven veteran" that has done less with more opportunities.