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Cavaliers vs. Pacers: Third Quarter Blues


The third quarter was the downfall of the Cavaliers last night as the Pacers raced out to a 34-13 advantage over those 12 minutes to take control of the game. By the fourth quarter the game was just cruising along until time winded down.

Manny Harris did not hit a field goal and his struggles of late have shown me all I need to see with him. Alonzo Gee also fizzled and gave Byron Scott just a 2-12 night.

Cavs Leaders: Points: Casspi, 14; Rebounds: Samuels 10; Assists: Sloan, 5

Quick Thoughts:

The Cavaliers held strong in the first half and it truly looked as if the Pacers weren't going to be able to turn this game over in their favor. The Pacers then ended up passing the 100 point mark and had 6 players go over the 10 point mark.

I would say the saddest thing that happened last night was the ending of the Lestivus Holiday Season as the Pacers held him to just 7 points to go along with 5 turnovers.

All in all, of the 10 players on the Cavs the only person to hit over 50% of their shots was Donald Sloan. With the anemic offense even the Cavaliers great effort on both ends wasn't enough to scare the Paces again.

The positive from the night were the victories by Toronto and New Jersey. And I guess you could say Samardo Samuels did have a "double double."

Fear the Sword's Player of the Game:

Omri Casspi scored his season high of 14 points last evening. That blows me away. I hadn't really noticed all season but now that I think about it he hasn't had any big games. Anyways, it's pretty pathetic to be fair that that's his season high. Onwards and upwards, Omri!