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Cavaliers Taking It Slow With Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao


Taking it nice and sloowwwwwwww. The two best players on the Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao, have both been hurt and out of the lineup for some time now (not unlike myself who's been absent with a nasty virus for a couple of days, but I'm back -- huzzah!). Byron Scott and the Cavaliers front office are in no hurry to bring back either player, however.

Kyrie Irving suffered a shoulder sprain against the Bucks and then re-injured it against the Spurs. He definitely won't play against the Pistons on Tuesday, but there's a *chance* he plays later this week. Varejao broke his wrist a longggg time ago and it doesn't seem likely that he'll play this week.

I believe that there's a possibility that we see neither of these guys before the season is over, but you never really know. The fact of the matter is that these are two incredibly important players and there's no reason to risk their longterm health when these games do not matter (and when you can simply call up superstars like Luke Harangody).

I'll keep you updated, but don't expect to see Kyrie or Andy V just yet.