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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Preview


Guys, there are only 6 games left. This team is 20-40. Can you imagine if this were a normal 82-game season and there were 22 games left? I'd probably cry. I want this season to be over so we can get to the draft lottery and then the draft. Six more games and there aren't many winnable ones (we play Washington, so that's one). Tonight look relatively un-winnable, except for the fact that the Sixers have been playing like steaming piles of garbage lately.

I don't expect a win and I'm not really in the mood to write a preview, so I'll put my poetry class to use and give you a pre-game limerick.

Cavaliers Poem Skillz

There once was a team with no luck.

Their star left them, now they suck.

Last year was so bad,

It made Conrad sad

He just sat there and watched Antawn chuck.


They were the worst team in the East.

In a trade, the Clippers got fleeced.

A few lucky balls,

His name they did call

And we soon found Kyrie was a beast.


This year has been much more fun

But alas, it is almost done

Stars out for too long

We just hope for ping-pong

Move forward from here; All for one.

Fear the Sword's Fearless Prediction:

I think Kyrie Irving might possibly play tonight. Don't hold me to that, but after last night's debacle, there's a chance. Regardless, I think Irving would be rusty and the Sixers are still better and desperately need a win. Philly wins 92-80.