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We'll Miss You, Lester


Lights were setting on the Cavaliers season.

Everyone had accepted redemption in the form of ping pong balls. Then, there was you.

Swooping in to save the day, a 27 year old D-Leaguer with the heart of a lion.

Times were tough, but you rose to the occasion, for you were Lester Hudson.

Everyone was mad with Lesteria,

Ranting and raving on how the Cavaliers had found their Jeremy Lin.

Humble, you lifted the team onto your broad shoulders, and breathed life into it's dying body.

Unknown is the reason for your departure at this time.

Doubtless, the future of this team has always been with Kyrie Irving,

So our time together was always meant to be fleeting, like a love that burned too strong, too soon.

Of these few weeks, we shall never forget, nor shall we ever stop missing you.

Never stop being you, Lester. Goodnight sweet prince.