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The End of Harristeria?

In recent months, waves of "Harristeria" have been sweeping over Fear the Sword. I, for one, never participated in the madness and constant calling for minutes for Manny Harris.

Meanwhile, while Harris has been on the roster for awhile now he has not been able to do anything to prove that he is a viable option for the team going forward.

The end of Harristeria seemingly culminated with his 1:04 of action in the loss to the New York Knicks Friday evening.

With random NBDL callups Lester Hudson and Donald Sloan already far ahead of Harris in the pecking order, it might be wise to start to prepare yourself for a Cavaliers future without Harris.

Even with Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker and Kyrie Irving all missing various amounts of games, Harris has not been able to find any minutes. If this is the case then I find it hard to see a scenario where he find himself presented with an opportunity down the road as the Cavaliers are likely to upgrade their putrid shooting guard situation this summer. (Here is a tantalizing solution for you to chew on.)

While some Harris backers may want to blame his lack of opportunities on Byron Scott wanting to give Hudson and Sloan a chance, I laugh at that opinion.

Unless Harris somehow turns himself into a much better basketball player soon, he's gone for good as he's been here long enough now that he should have wiggled himself into the rotation by now.

While Harris has a fantastic knack for rebounding as a guard, his lack of scoring ability crushes him as he cannot ever shoot the ball at even a 40% rate - which is still pretty terrible.

Oh well, at least I will always remember him for having such a cool name: Corperryale L'Adorable Harris.