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Cavs Preach Patience with Irving

Coach Byron Scott announced Monday that the team will be extra cautious as Kyrie Irving is out with a right shoulder injury has the likely Rookie of the Year on the shelf for the time being.

With Irving and Anderson Varejao bound to return soon and a few wins likely to come because of that it is imperative that the Cavaliers drop a few games behind New Jersey, Toronto, Sacramento and Detroit as a full strength squad probably won't lose as many as the group now is.

The Cavaliers play the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday with upcoming big games against New Jersey and Toronto on the road this weekend.

The team has a very condensed fixture list towards the end of the year so it will be tough for them to win many games if Lester Hudson and Donald Sloan are playing too many minutes for the team.

Anyways, I wouldn't bet on Irving playing Tuesday at home or Wednesday in Milwaukee.