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Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Draft Lottery Odds: Week 10

The Cleveland Bearcats?
The Cleveland Bearcats?

As Kyrie Irving has now returned to the team for the final five games the Cavaliers face a tough test in the battle to sneak their way into the top 3 positions in the NBA Lottery Ball Standings.

The remaining schedule is difficult besides a home game with the Washington Wizards, though. Take a peek at where the Cavaliers stand heading into the stretch run of the season after the jump.

2. Washington Wizards: 16-46

3. New Orleans Hornets: 20-43

4. Sacramento Kings: 20-42

5. Cleveland Cavaliers: 20-41

6/7. Toronto Raptors: 22-41

6/7. New Jersey Nets: 22-41

8. Golden State Warriors: 22-39 (HA!)

Good News: If the Raptors and Nets can each win a game from their final three then it is a 100% lock the Cavs won't finish worse than fifth. Also, the Warriors are still in eighth, although they have a great shot to move up.

Bad News: It's still likely the Cavaliers will end up fifth. Being so close to third (and also eighth) is a little bitter but with the pretty difficult schedules remaining for the Hornets and Kings plus the return of Kyrie and a cupcake game at home to Washington (although they've been decent lately) should set the Cavaliers into the fifth position. We have a really tough schedule other than that Wizards game though so I can't rule moving up out!

All in all, this is actually a pretty solid result for Cleveland since I think they have a better chance of moving up in these standings than they do of slipping. When I started writing this ten weeks ago, the Cavs were stuck in that eighth spot so I'm definitely on board with climbing to fifth.