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Have A Great Summer, Anderson Varejao

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As you've probably learned by now, Cavaliers star center Anderson Varejao has officially been shut down for the season.

The right wrist injury he suffered February 10th has actually healed but he's been in a large amount of pain still so he isn't going to make it back for any games.

The in past two seasons Varejao will now have missed 51 and 41 games respectively with injuries. The Brazilian was having his finest season in the NBA in the short time he did play this year and was a borderline All-Star (for what that's worth) from his performance early on.

With a likely healthy season from Varejao, Kyrie Irving and a star draft pick from the Top 8 picks in the draft, I expect the Cavaliers to be in the playoffs next season in the Eastern Conference. That's how much of a difference Anderson can make.

"Andy has been unbelievable," Byron Scott said. "The only thing I regret is that he's missed so many games over the last two years because of injuries. I think a lot is because of the way he plays. He plays so hard that sometimes you're going to get hurt.

"He said to me a couple of weeks ago: 'I don't know if God wants me to play for you, coach. I keep getting hurt.' I said: 'No, no. God's fine. Next year, you'll be great. It's like the third year is the charm, so don't worry about it.'

In only 31.4 minutes per game, Varejao easily set personal bests with his 10.8 points and 11.5 rebounds per game. He also said he expects to play in the London Olympics this summer as long as the Cavaliers give him their blessing.