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Antawn Jamison Unlikely To Return To Cavaliers

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With the regular season having come to a close for the Cavaliers, it's time to start looking forward. There are many decisions to be made with regards to the roster and many of those will be addressed after the draft. Antawn Jamison is among those players that are not signed with the Cavaliers next season. It would appear that he will not be coming back to play for Cleveland next season.

According to multiple reports and Jamison himself, it sounds like both he and the organization are ready to move on. Here's what Jamison said before the team's final home game of the season:

I thank the organization. I enjoyed playing with Mr. (Dan) Gilbert, the training staff and the coaching staff. It was fun. I've enjoyed it. I think we both have (made up our mind)," Jamison said. "It's time for me to move on. I don't know what the future holds. I have a good feeling this is my last home game and tomorrow my last game with the Cavs in general. I think it's on the wall. I wish these guys great luck."

Antawn has always been a class act and he got thrown into a pretty crappy situation. He was traded to the Cavaliers with hopes of contending for a championship, but instead had one terrible playoff run and then was back on a rebuilding team. As an aging veteran (and former all-star, don't forget that), it's just unfortunate for him.

Despite his mediocre play this season, he didn't exactly quit. He played in 64 of the team's 66 games and acted as one of the few veteran presences in an incredibly young locker room. It's been rumored that Jamison wasn't exactly happy with the franchise's decisions to trade away current assets in exchange for future ones and that makes sense. He's got a few decent years left in his career, so it's time for him to chase that championship. Although it didn't turn out exactly as we planned, I appreciate Jamison's time spent in Cleveland. He's a great guy and came to play. I wish him nothing but the best for the rest of his career and really hope he gets that ring before he retires. Thanks, Antawn.

In 146 games with the Cavaliers, Jamison averaged 17.2 points and 6.9 rebounds per game.