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Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Draft Lottery Odds: Week 8

In the midst of a nine game losing streak the Cavaliers are in a truly desperate situation. For them to vastly improve their likelihood of landing the 4th spot in the Lottery Ball standings at the end of the year the away games Friday and Sunday to Toronto and New Jersey are beyond critical.

With a pair of losses, one may almost be ready to claim that the Cavaliers are a near lock for that 4th spot. Let's not get crazy though folks and say New Orleans is going to catch Cleveland. We've played two less games than them and have three more wins. And it's not like the Cavs are going 0-14 the rest of the way.

Find out where the Cavs are at after the jump.

1. Charlotte Bobcats: 7-45

2. Washington Wizards: 12-43

3. New Orleans Hornets: 14-40


5. New Jersey Nets: 19-37

6. Sacramento Kings: 19-36

7. Toronto Raptors: 20-35

Good News: Basically the reason why I started doing this two months ago was to feel the joy of seeing the number one pick within our sights. After weeks of being stuck in that brutal 8th position, the Cavaliers are happily sitting pretty at 4th.

Not only are they in 4th, but Toronto and Detroit are pulling away from the Cavs!

Bad News: I don't want to be just another person doing this but man did Chris Perez make Thursday a very frustrating day. I take back every bad word I ever said about Anthony Parker and Matt LaPorta.