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Canton Charge Qualify for the Playoffs


In their first season ever in the National Basketball Developmental League, the Canton Charge have officially secured a playoff berth. The Charge's playoff seed may change depending on their final game of the season at home to Erie on Sunday night. The one thing they do know though is that they will host at least one playoff game.

The Charge are owned by the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert. The Charge have had Cavalier players Luke Harangody, Christian Eyenga (since traded to the Lakers) and Manny Harris on their roster at different junctures of the current campaign.

Entering the playoffs. Harangody is their best player as he's scoring about 20 points per game in the 15 games he's played for Canton.

The DLeague uses an odd playoff format. Here is how they do it:

The selection process on Sunday has the top four seeds select in order who they will play out of a pool that includes the bottom four seeds. All playoff series are best-of-three, with the lower seed hosting the first game and the higher seed hosting the second and then third game if necessary. After the initial selection process, the remaining teams do not get reseeded.

Best wishes to the Charge during the inaugural playoff run.