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NBA News: Kyrie Irving To Be Named Rookie Of The Year Tuesday


Update: Kyrie Irving will receive the award on Tuesday instead of Monday, as originally reported. The press conference will occur at 10 AM in Independence, Ohio (where the Cavaliers practice). There will be a live feed of the press conference on

In a stunning, shocking turn of events, Kyrie Irving will be named the NBA's Rookie of the Year on Tuesday, according to ESPN. I know you guys are as stunned as I am. Kyrie Irving was a total beast all season and emerged as the Cavaliers' best player pretty early in the season.

Irving, who didn't even turn 20 until March 23, also shot the ball better as a rookie than many scouts projected, registering shooting percentages of .469 from the field and .399 from 3-point range. Irving's performance quickly established him as Cleveland's new franchise player in the Cavaliers' second season without LeBron James.

I'll have much more on Kyrie's remarkable season once I finish with my final exams and he is actually presented with the award. For now -- congratulations Kyrie!