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Kyrie Irving To Be Named Rookie of the Year at Tuesday Press Conference

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The Cleveland Cavaliers made a statement Monday saying there was a major announcement coming at a Tuesday press conference at the Cleveland Clinic Courts at 10 am EST.

In this day and age of instant media access and the fact that it is no secret that Kyrie Irving was the best rookie in the league this year there's little doubt what the media session will be about.

Irving has a chance to join Blake Griffin, David Robinson and Ralph Sampson as the only rookies to win the award unanimously.

The dazzling season by Irving was sensational to watch with his fourth quarter scoring outbursts earning him many fans in Ohio and around the league.

The Cavaliers will look to add another superstar to pair with this dynamic 20 year-old in next month's draft.

Congratulations to Irving on being named (unanimous?!) Rookie of the Year!