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Kyrie Irving Named to USA Olympic Select Team


Today, Kyrie Irving and twelve other young players were named to the USA Select Team. The Select Team is the group of players that trains against the actual USA Men's basketball team prior to the Olympics. The 2011-12 NBA Rookie of the Year highlights this team, along with John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, and other future superstars.

Being chosen for the USA Select Team is generally a pretty good way to get noticed and eventually find yourself competing for a gold medal in the Olympics. In the past, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Andre Iguodala have played for the Select Team and are now big contributors to the USA team.

The Select Team has a training day on July 5th and then a camp from July 6-12. All practices and such take place at UNLV in Las Vegas. Here's the full release from and the complete roster for the USA Select Team.

2012 USA Basketball Select Team

Ryan Anderson F 6-10 240 5/6/1988 Orlando Magic / California
DeJuan Blair C 6-7 270 4/22/1989 San Antonio Spurs / Pittsburgh
DeMarcus Cousins C 6-11 270 8/13/1990 Sacramento Kings / Kentucky
DeMar DeRozan G 6-7 216 8/7/1989 Toronto Raptors / USC
Derrick Favors F/C 6-10 248 7/15/1991 Utah Jazz / Georgia Tech
Paul George G/F 6-8 215 5/2/1990 Indiana Pacers / Fresno State
Taj Gibson F 6-9 225 6/24/1985 Chicago Bulls / USC
Gordon Hayward F 6-8 210 3/23/1990 Utah Jazz / Butler
Kyrie Irving G 6-3 191 3/23/1992 Cleveland Cavaliers / Duke
Kawhi Leonard F/G 6-7 225 6/29/1991 San Antonio Spurs / San Diego State
Jeremy Lin G 6-3 200 8/23/1988 New York Knicks / Harvard
Klay Thompson G 6-7 205 2/8/1990 Golden State Warriors / Washington State
John Wall G 6-4 195 9/6/1990 Washington Wizards / Kentucky

Coach: Mike Hopkins, Syracuse University
Coach: Jay Triano