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NBA Draft Lottery: Nick Gilbert Represents Cavaliers

In case you missed it, the Cavaliers announced that Dan Gilbert's son, Nick, will represent the Cavaliers at the NBA Lottery tomorrow night in New York City.Dan's 15-year old son has battled Neurofibromatosis for his entire life and will once again be on stage to represent Cleveland. With a little help from Nick, the Cavaliers managed to beat the odds and secure the #1 pick last year.

"We’re going to give it our best shot to go back-to-back and secure another great pick for Cleveland!" said teenage Gilbert.

That #1 pick, of course, brought Kyrie Irving to Cleveland. Since he was in attendance last year, Kyrie will naturally be there again. Being the superstitious crew that they are, the Cavaliers will make sure that they have the exact same entourage this time around. Kyrie and Nick will be there. Similarly, Cleveland Browns players, Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden will also be there supporting the quest for Anthony Davis. Browns legend, Bernie Kosar will also make the trip.

As you probably know, the Cavaliers have the 3rd best odds to win the number one pick in the draft. If everything goes horribly wrong, the worst they can end up with is the 6th pick in the draft. With Nick Gilbert representing us, what's not to like?

Be sure to check out the various charitable organizations that Nick and Dan Gilbert will be supporting during the Lottery. Those groups include the Children's Tumor Foundation, the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation, and the BowTie Cause.