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NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Version 4.0

He Got Game
He Got Game

ESPN's Chad Ford released his Insider Only Mock Draft yesterday on the website. With the Draft fast approaching, it is really fun to think about who will end up on the Cavaliers.

Ford is someone who is a reliable source to follow in the lead up to the actual (top 3!) selection that the Cavaliers will own come June.

After the jump, or by looking to your right, you may find out who Ford thinks the Cavaliers would take if the lottery held exactly true.

Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal(-Kaczmarek) is the ideal partner in the back court for Kyrie Irving in Ford's opinion. The all around star at Florida last year as a freshman is the player I think the Cavaliers likely covet second most of all the prospects due to his flat out talent and such a glaring hole at the shooting guard spot.

Again, Ford has the Cavaliers selecting Moe Harkless of St. John's at the 24th spot. One of the draft gurus on Fear the Sword, davidzavac, happened to write about Harkless in a FanPost awhile back and had this to say about how Harkless might fit in with Cleveland:

Where he fits in on the Cavs: He isn't as ready to contribute as a guy like Jeff Taylor might be, and he might try Byron Scott's patience a little bit. But if he worked on his jump shot, committed himself in the weight room, and showed a willingness to rebound, he could get 20 minutes a game next year. Remember, we give serious minutes to Luke Walton and Omri Casspi right now. Show some patience with this guy and he could really be a solid rotation player. He is agile, and has the quickness to become a solid defender.