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Cleveland Cavaliers Worst of the Century: Shooting Guard

I'm not advocating that you vote for Eyenga, it's just that there were no pictures of the other guys in the database!
I'm not advocating that you vote for Eyenga, it's just that there were no pictures of the other guys in the database!

The Cleveland Cavaliers have played quite a few bad players significant minutes at shooting guard since 2000-2001. While some players were merely bad compared to what we expected, like Larry Hughes, there were many guys who played far too many minutes who were just plain bad.

Tonight actually could lead to the Cavaliers finding a long term answer to the deep hole they've had a shooting guard as they may be in position to select someone such as Bradley Beal in the lottery allows them to.

For now though, I'll introduce you to the past men who struggled mightily to even tread waters at the position.

Lucious Harris, 2004-2005: Harris finished up his career by playing 73 games for the Cavs and had his worst pro season by any statistical measure pretty much. At age 34 it was clear he was on his way out of the league and in the 16 minutes per night he logged for Cleveland he tallied 4.3 points, 1.7 rebounds and 0.7 assists per game with a shooting percentage under 40%. His Cavaliers PER was just a 9.0 and he had poor numbers in the true shooting and effective field goal categories.

Damon Jones, 2005-2008: In three seasons with the Cavs Jones launched up 73% of his shots from behind the arc and actually hit them at a rate of almost 40% which is very solid. Unfortunately, in his 22 minutes per night over 209 games he averaged only 6.6 points, 1.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game along with shooting below 40%. Another reason Jones is a clear candidate for this list is how poorly he played in the playoffs with Cleveland. In 29 playoff games he shot just 29% from the field and 29.8% from deep.

Christian Eyenga, 2010-2012: The youngster actually got a decent run out in 2010-2011 but this season was dealt to the Lakers earlier in the season. Eyenga showed nothing to convince the Cavaliers that he could contribute anything to their future even with the team bringing up random DLeaguers all the time. With his freakish athleticism he averaged barely over 6 points per night and 2 rebounds in over 20 minute per contest with the team. He never developed enough defensively to give the team a reason to play him either. Overall, his tenure with the Cavaliers was a flop.

The poll to vote for this will be open for a couple days and then the winner will be announced soon!