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Cavaliers Land Fourth Overall Pick in NBA Draft Lottery

Anthony Davis will be headed to New Orleans.
Anthony Davis will be headed to New Orleans.

You win some, you lose some. Tonight, the Cavaliers didn't manage to jump into the top-3 and instead landed just outside and will have the fourth pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

The New Orleans Hornets ended up with the first overall pick while the Bobcats got the second pick and the Wizards got the third pick.

Although we would have loved to make it really easy and just taken Anthony Davis at #1, number four presents a whole bunch of options for the Cavaliers. It's early and the combine hasn't even happened yet, but let's hear those theories.

What should the Cavs doing with the 4th pick in the draft? Will Bradley Beal be there? Do you take a chance on Andre Drummond or Harrison Barnes? Do you go with best player available and select Thomas Robinson? Maybe a trade up or trade down?

I'll have much more analysis of the Cavaliers' options, but give me your preliminary thoughts in the comments below.