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Cavaliers Offseason: The Verdict - Daniel Gibson


On Friday, I laid out some stats around Daniel Gibson and asked loyal Fear the Sword readers what they thought about the Cavaliers picking up his partial team option for the 2012-2013 season. Discussion was spirited, but what was the final verdict? Let's find out. Also, a quick thank you to false-cognate for pointing out in the comments my embarrassing mis-interpretation of the defensive rating statistic. That won't happy again. Pinky swear. Anyways, the verdict awaits.

The debate was long and hard fought by both sides, but ultimately, only one side could prevail. When the dust cleared, Fear the Sword readers had voted overwhelmingly in favor of not picking up Daniel Gibson's partially guaranteed team option and instead, investing in the future of the Cavaliers by filling out the SF rotation with free agents and rookies.

Obviously, the results of the draft will obviously shape the path the Cavaliers follow when it comes to filling out their SG rotation. Will the starting job belong to a rookie like Bradley Beal? Do you want the Cavaliers to go all in on Manny Harris? I know there's at least one guy on Twitter who'd be very happy about this. Or is there some other FA out there you want on the team? Feel free to discuss more below.

What's that? What do I think the team should do with him? Well, I guess I should weigh in one way or the other. It'd only be fair.

My Opinion: Keep

What? You surprised? So am I. Honestly, I went into this thinking the Cavaliers should get rid of Boobie as soon as possible. After reading some of your comments, and really thinking it over some, I still want to get rid of Boobie. I just want to wait a little bit longer. What's changed? I remembered the Knicks.

Think about it, Boobie and the Knicks would be a pretty great combination. The Knicks run an isolation heavy offensive, which Boobie thrives under. As it is, the Knicks are already using guys like JR Smith and Steve Novak similarly to how Boobie was used in Cleveland. Given how streaky JR Smith can be, having a guy like Boobie on your bench could be beneficial if Smith is off or vice versa. Also, while Boobie's skills as a PG aren't the greatest, he's a hell of a lot better than Mike Bibby or Toney Douglas. Under the offensive system currently in place in New York, Boobie's negatives are somewhat minimized. The fact that he's undersized is obscured by the fact that he'll be getting any more open looks and won't have to be creating a shot as much as he is now. In a different system, the guy might still be of some value.

Boobie has no future in Cleveland. It's pretty simple. That said, he may still have some, probably small, value on the trade market. And, given that the Cavaliers will still have to pay half his contract for the season regardless, why not to try maximize their value from him and at least get something back in return? While I doubt the Cavs will even be able to get a Ramon Sessions like deal for Boobie, it never hurts to try.