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NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Interested in Alonzo Gee

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As expected, there are some NBA teams interested in the Cavaliers wingman Alonzo Gee. Among those teams are the Phoenix Suns, reportedly.

According to this story from Brenden Bowers from Stepien Rules, the Suns are willing to offer Gee up to $4 million per year.

Over the weekend I was told by a reliable source that the Phoenix Suns are looking to offer Cleveland Cavaliers restricted free agent Alonzo Gee a multi-year contract in the $4 million per season range. I was also told that the Suns were in the lead for Gee's services right now too...

John Telich from Fox 8 tweeted that the Timberwolves and Pistons were also interested in signing Gee.

The Cavaliers have expressed their interest in keeping Alonzo Gee around and can obviously do that if they choose to, since he is only a restricted free agent this summer. That means, they are able to match any offer that he gets from another team in order to keep him on the roster. If the price gets too high, however, they may not want to spend that much money on him, especially if they use a high draft pick on a similar player. The Cavs are interested in both Harrison Barnes and Michael-Kidd Gilchrist in the first round of the upcoming draft.

We'll break down the Alonzo Gee situation with another edition of "Keep or Quit", like we did with Daniel Gibson. For now, start thinking about how much money you think Alonzo Gee is worth.