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NBA Mock Draft: Cavaliers Land Bradley Beal...Again

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We're getting close to NBA Draft time, so that means....TONS OF MOCK DRAFTS.

Today, Tom Ziller from our very own SBNation released his first version of the 2012 NBA Mock Draft. Obviously, this is all pending what happens in the NBA Lottery on May 30th, but as the teams are currently slated, this is what we've got.

Once again, the Cavaliers select Bradley Beal with the 3rd overall pick. You already know that the writers here at Fear the Sword would fully support this pick. Ziller is a little pessimistic in his writeup about the selection, although I assume it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

3. CAVALIERS: Bradley Beal, Florida

Rolls Royce Backourt II. Kyrie Irving and Beal will be unstoppable, like Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes (uh) or Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin (uhh) or Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry(uhhhhhhhhhh).

Perhaps the most interested thing about this mock draft is the selection of Thomas Robinson with the 2nd overall pick. That allows the Cavaliers to have their choice of Beal or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. If they have to make that decision, I'm not convinced that they know which guy they take at the moment. I'm sure you can be on the lookout for numerous mock drafts leading up to the actual NBA Draft. I'd suggest to not take them very seriously at all, but especially until the actual draft order is determined by the lottery. We shall see.