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Summer Project: Cleveland Cavaliers' Best/Worst of the Century

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During the down time of the summer months I'm going to construct a starting lineup for the Cleveland Cavaliers from the 2000-2001 through 2011-2012 based on the worst and best players at each position plus coaches since the millennium.

Most of the other writers are more draft experts than myself so they'll be covering that pretty hard so I'll be updating these squads weekly. Find out exactly how I plan to integrate the readers after the jump.

I'll be writing a post every week or so giving you the top couple candidates for the best and worst player at each position. I'll lay out some of the numbers during their time with just the Cavaliers and then will leave it completely up to the fans with a poll at the end of the piece that will stay open for a couple days.

Then, after enough votes are in I'll write up something on the person who will be named to the team with complete team recaps coming after all five positions are in.

For the team of the worst players I'm not going to be listing players such as Jerome Moiso who played only 27 minutes for the Cavaliers. I don't really want to put a set number on anything like minutes or games played to be on the list, but I can assure you it will be players who actually got significant minutes in the rotation.

The same thing will happen with the voting for best and worst coach.

I look forward to finding out in a few minutes who the readers believe have been the best and worst of the best players from the recent Cleveland Cavalier squads.

If you have any ideas for some ways you might want me to tweak this or just general tips, please post them in the comments.