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NBA Draft Rumors: Cavaliers Hoping To Trade Up To #2 Pick?


As usual, ESPN's Chad Ford was dropping some knowledge today. His draft blog had a number of juicy tidbits relating to the top-10 picks in the upcoming draft. That article is ESPN Insider only, but I'll give you an idea of what he said.

The Charlotte Bobcats own the second pick in the draft and will be looking at a number of options. Apparently they are interested in Thomas Robinson or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with that pick. Ford also mentioned the possibility of the Bobcats trading down to get more picks. That's where the Cavaliers come in.

He floated the idea of Cleveland trading the #4 and #24 picks to the Bobcats for the second pick. Ideally, the Cavs would come out of the draft with MKG or Bradley Beal. There's a chance that neither of those guys will be available for the Cavaliers at #4. If the Bobcats want Robinson, they can probably still get him at #4. But would the #24 pick be enough to move up?

This trade would be similar to what the Browns did to move up and get Trent Richardson. There's the possibility that the guy the Cavs want will still be there at #4. But with so many picks in the draft, they might be wise to use later picks and ensure that they get their guy. Obviously, this is just speculation at this point and nothing is even close to imminent.

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